Kingbird Commodities S.A. is the physical trading arm of the GemCorp Group. The GemCorp Group includes GemCorp Capital LLP, an FCA regulated Emerging Markets Investment Manager with circa US$ 700 million of commitments from investors. 

Vision, Mission and Strategy:

  • The Vision of Kingbird Commodities is to develop value in emerging markets supply chains.
  • Our Mission is to apply new methods, and to optimise supply chain processes in the highest disciplined, professional and responsible manner. We stand out by adhering to strict policies of counterparty compliance, responsible chartering, and anti-bribery and corruption. 
  • Our Strategic Focus is on oil, agricultural and food products, and medicines.
    Our target markets include West Africa, Russia and the Latin American River Plate.

We add value by investing in local businesses, infrastructure and assets. Given our current focus on delivery of food and pharmaceuticals to Africa, we place high importance on developing human capital, empowering local partners and contributing to sound social foundations locally.